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"As a home inspector Mike you undoubtedly witness property transfers that are uneventful as well as those that are stressful.  Our's . . . it has had its challenges including Sally's and my inflexibility in insisting upon you performing the inspection that was beyond the date of due diligence in the P&S.  The scope and depth of your report overshadowed the resistance we met - to the extent the Sellers commented most favorably on the report.  And now, your willingness to work with us by providing these images is truly impressive; Sally and I are most appreciative of all your assistance"



Dear Mike,


"I'm sorry that this is arriving so late (It has been absolutely non-stop since we closed!), but we wanted to thank you again for going above and beyond in all that you did to help us buy our new home.  We can't tell you how much we appreciate you altering your schedule and coming out to check on the status of the repairs at such short notice and then not charging us on top of it.  You really saved the day and made it possible for us to be able to close in August which ultimately saved us hundreds of dollars in interest. (You should be one of those guys in the commercials wearing a cape...J).  We will certainly be recommending you to everyone that we know.  We absolutely love our new home and thank you again for everything you did to make it possible.  Hope to see you around."




Derrick & Julie

Hi Michael,


"It was great to meet you too. Thank you so much for the thorough, complete as possible due to conditions and competent, professional inspection. And for the prompt report. I was very pleased to get it that evening and extremely satisfied with the whole experience. I have no questions at this time but do plan to go through the report and take notes as to your recommendations. The last few days have continued to be busy and the deal is moving forward well. And faster than I'd anticipated due to dealing with 2 government agencies - Fannie Mae and the VA. 

Thank you again for braving the 'chilly' morning!"



Dear Mike,


"We are so glad that we chose your company, Northern Vista to perform a home inspection on the second home we will be purchasing in the White Mountains. You were very professional, helpful and kind every step of the way. Since we are new to the area, we had many questions and you answered them all thoughtfully and carefully. We feel very confident in our purchase because of your thorough inspection and guidance. You went out of your way to make this process very comfortable for us and we thank you very much!  Please be assured that we will not hesitate to refer you and your company to any friends or prospective home buyers in the future." 


Ann and Bob



"Thank you again for all your help and flexibility!  It was so wonderful to have you go through the house so completely.  You quite literally left no stone unturned, even braving the roof in the middle of February!  You answered all our questions about what was normal and what was odd, your report to us was immediate, complete and gave us additional information than we would have never anticipated.  


As a first time home buyer, your inspection made us aware of exactly what we were purchasing and I would recommend you and your services to anyone looking to buy a home.   


Thanks again,"


Kris & Butch 


Hi Michael, 


Thanks again for your hard work on the Sanbornton property, and thank you for the impressive report. You deliver tons of detail, yet somehow you manage to convey the information in language that a home owner can understand and act on.  I also appreciate the way you supplement the text with well-chosen photographs and occasional tutorial sketches, and the way your text occasionally gives some insight into best practice beyond remediation of a specific concern. I am extremely grateful for your expertise and careful attention to detail. We will probably go ahead and buy the house, but we will be closely following your report to guide us in making the house safer and my resilient. 

Thank you again for your time and expertise,





Thank you very much for the detailed report and for getting it to us so quickly. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning more about our new house yesterday. I especially appreciate the time and care you took on the inspection and for all of the advice you shared directly with me. We hope this home will be a part of our family for many years to come, and I know that your suggestions will go a long way to making this possible. Again, thank you.



Hey Mike,


I just wanted to follow up with you and thank you once again.  I really appreciate your flexibility and thorough inspection of the house!  We moved from Miami, Florida and let me tell you......  Good customer service is HARD to find.  People were rude, late, unprofessional, and most of the time they inflated pricing once they did the shoddy work.  It's really a breath of fresh air to be back in an area that has true professionals.  Please let me know if my husband and I can write a glowing review for you, we'd be happy to!  


Thanks again,

Ben & Jessica Bailey

Hi Mike,


I read the whole report. Incredible detail, so glad I found you, thank you so much! 






Thank you very much for the detailed report.  My parents and I were very impressed with all the information and organization of the report.  I will definitely be recommending your company!  Thank you very much again for your business.


Hi Mike - thanks for your great report.  This will be invaluable to us as we move forward.  It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday, thank you for your hard work.  We look forward to having you as a resource and a friend as we move forward to try to make this all happen!  


Regards & Happy Holidays!!


Mike - Thanks for the prompt work on the report, very nicely done!  We only visited the house a couple times (exterior) and one walk-through for about an hour, I picked up a couple of the exterior issues (i.e. upper posts/joints/lower posts) but didn't get into the weeds inside. I built our present home in 2003 and installed a similar multi-zone radiant heat system so I did take photos for review when we were there, we too have an outdoor air set at 70degF.  I didn't want to prejudice you with info I had, you are spot-on about the roofing & windows - the disclosure statement from the current Owner indicates that there was storm damage couple years ago and roof shingles replaced, windows re-flashed, flooring that was water damaged had been replaced.  Ground to the water line... not the first time we've seen that - LOL.

Thanks again Mike -  John

Hi Mike!

Just want to say thank you so much for everything! We were not sure what to expect with our first inspection but you far surpassed our expectations. I am so happy you came highly recommended and we went with northern vista for our inspection. Your report is amazing and very much appreciated. We have decided this will become the to do list and will address as many of the items as we can and as quickly as we can as we think they are all pretty important.

Everyone at work was asking me how everything went yesterday and asked who we had used because I was raving about how well it went. Roxanne asked me to send you a hello! She said you're a great guy and was happy we went with you! I told her I would pass along the message! :)

Thanks again Mike! If we have any questions I'll be in touch!
Krista (and Amy too)

"Thank you Mike, for the excellent detailed report and thorough inspection of the property. I learned a lot and feel we got the most from our home inspection dollar when we hired you. We feel very lucky we found a true professional. We will again seek your services should we find another potential property in the area.


Again, Thank You,"

George and Pat

Hi Mike, 

I wanted to give you an update on my expansion tank issue. 


As it turns out, our oil company does not replace expansion tanks, and they had no idea what I was even talking about. She even suggested that we needed a new boiler. Finally a friend recommended a plumber who came out very quickly to replace it. It was FULL of water, and he said that they are not supposed to have water in them. He said if the issue had gone on much longer it could have ruined the boiler. 


I wanted to thank you for even noticing the issue while you were here, and bringing it to my attention. I keep thinking if I hadn't had the radon mitigation done, I would not have known how to solve the leaky boiler problem. You essentially saved my boiler. Thank you!


Keep doing the great job you are doing! You are an asset to homeowners, and I'm grateful Rusty recommended you!


Thanks again,


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